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only then will all lives matter.

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If you'd rather, you can reach us directly by phone:
Mike - 617 230 9572 or Carl - 781 608 0900

Blacksmithing Gift Certificates from Prospect Hill Forge
(28 out of 100 remaining for the year ending January 31)

We are proud to offer you the means to give someone else the joy of blacksmithing.
(Scroll down to fill out the form)

Gift Certficates can be made out in whatever denomination you desire: they can be written out for a particular amount of money, a particular class, or for a number of hours of Open Smithy.

We mail out an actual, physical gift certificate, in an envelope, with our colorful flyer.
Our office staff is part-time, *typically* (but not always) Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and that's when Gift Certificate requests get processed.
Please try to make your request at least a week before you need it.

If you need it before Saturday the 11th of December, 2021 it is important that you call and/or text 781 816 9433 and get a reply (just leaving a message does not assure that communication has happened) so we can work out how to get it to you in time.

Image of a beautifully designed Gift Certificate

Please tell us what you'd like written-in on the Certificate (if you are unsure of anything, leave it blank and we'll work it out later by email or phone):

This certifies that
has been purchased for
If you'd like something else written into the To: blank on the certificate please note it below in the 'Further Information box.

The date on which you simply must have the certificate


Month Day Year
(for example: so that you can pack it for presentation while on vacation)

so that
you can Present
it on:

Month Day Year
(The date we'll put on the Certificate)


Further information; already paid, comments, questions:


The Recipient's age (Their age when they are likely to use the Gift Certificate. Please note that there are age limitations on some classes.)
The Recipient's email
(So that we can reach them about freshly scheduled Tripods classes. But ONLY *After* the date you give the Gift Certificate. Until then YOU will get any such messages.)
Your name
Your email (so we can reach you)
Your phone (so we can reach you)

Where and to whom shall we send it?
Addressee Name:
Number and street:
(2nd line of address)
ZIP Code

(keep going, there's a little more)

If this is to be a surprise and the recipient lives at the address we are mailing it to, check this box and we will mask the contents of the envelope (make it so no one can tell what's in it).

Payment method:
Cash (hand delivered)
Check (hand delivered or by mail)
Credit Card (in person or by phone)
PayPal (to office(aaht)prospecthillforge(dawt)com)
PayPal Invoice (We'll send you an invoice that you can pay securely online by credit card (you do not need a PayPal account))

If you want two (or more) gift cerificates (different people or different classes) please order one, click the back button, and order the next.
If you want ONE Gift Certificate for two people, Please explain that below.

Please type the word spelled out in the picture to the left
(it's a bit distorted, but that's the whole idea):
(Capitalization Counts)