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Useful and/or Interesting Blacksmithing Links
Checked and updated 12/1/11 -CW

In no particular order:

Antika Neueva's Raw Shea and Comfrey Hippie Goo
The Best Burn Ointment I've ever used
Truely awesome stuff

Red Antler Apothecary's The Farmer
The best soap I've found for cleaning blacksmith hands, and keeping them from cracking-and-bleeding in the winter

How to Properly Use an Anvil

AngloSaxon and Viking Ironworking
lots of truth, some mistakes

Blacksmith's Journal Archives
poke around for lots of inspiration

books for direction and inspiration

Claying a forge
Some whys and why nots

The Metal Web News Blacksmith Page
More inspiration and some tool tips

Tongs to make Tongs
A Gift from God

New England Blacksmiths
The local organization. Some good tips and tricks

[ABANA] The Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America, Inc.
The national organization "Forging Excellence Since 1973"

iForge (Interactive Forge) Stepbystep Blacksmith Projects
Lots of Projects here Special anvils for repousse, artist blacksmiths and armorers
Swage or Swedge Blocks, Hollow Anvils, Armourer's Maids

NWBA Blacksmith
More cool stuff to look at

Stuff at I Forge Iron
Ideas and Inspiration

Forge welding tips (specifically for a gas forge, but some interesting tips nonetheless)

W.K. Fine Tools
Bunches of way cool stuff about... TOOLS

The Davistown Museum: An Archaeology of Tools
PDFs with links to pictures of all manner of implements - Blacksmith's Journal Techniques
From the 'Internet Archive'. Some cool stuff and slick ideas.

anvil's ring iron smelting article

Tap Drill Sizes
A table of drill sizes for most taps.

YouTube - Forge Welding - 1904
Watch the guy in the background just above the fire before they move the ring.

Welding the Big Ring!!
The longer version.

Jugs Puzzle Page
A non-smithing time suck but probably good for your brain.

Blacksmith's Elbow - The Celtic Knot
Worth knowing

Surgical Scrub Brush
These work surprisingly well on smith-dirt

YouTube - Blacksmithing Forge-welding a branch
Forge-welding - lap and faggot welds. Read the comments too.

Craft of a bygone era keeps the T rolling
Boston-Area Union Smiths

The Fire
Written for the beginner, this series of pages on fire detail all the skills needed to master the use of the blacksmith's coal fire. [so sayeth the author, and I think he's mostly right. -cw]

Mark Aspery's site
The man knows his stuff.

[ABANA] Controlled Hand Forging
Lots of good stuff about learning to control your work

The Whiteboard, a vaguely paintball webcomic by "Doc" Nickel
A bit of humor

Aluminum Alloys Continued
Of interest to those who want to fold-form aluminum

Diehl Steel - 0-1 Oil Hardening Tool Steel
Lots of info about alloys

This is Forgemaster's set of links to good info. (A meta-link)

Junkyard Steel - What is it?

The Blacksmiths' Guild of the Potomac

High Temperature Tools & Refractory
Lots of equipment and materials for knifemakers and builders of propane forges.

Basics of Gray Iron Casting Design: 10 Rules for Engineered Quality. - Free Online Library
About casting, but interesting anyway.

Florida Artist Blacksmith Association - Newsletters
Years of good stuff!

Examining the finer points of 6010, 6011, and 7018 - TheFabricator
From a guy who seems to know

YouTube - Stone Cold to White Hot
Putting energy into the work with the hammer!

YouTube - Forging Animal Heads with Bill Epps
Another approach

8.4.1 Plain Carbon Steels
This page has at least as much information about iron and carbon as you are ever likely to need as a blacksmith.
More to come. It's an ongoing quest.


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