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Blacksmithing is an inherently dangerous activity and, as such, Prospect Hill Forge LLC requires all persons attending Prospect Hill Forge LLC classes, seminars, or workshops or using any Prospect Hill Forge LLC equipment or facilities to sign this


I understand that blacksmithing is an inherently dangerous activity and
acknowledge that there are risks inherent in its practice, including
without limitation:

(1) the use of and exposure to hot coals and high temperature iron and

(2) handling hot metals and flux

(3) exposure to sharp objects

(4) exposure to power tools

(5) exposure to falling objects

I understand that my negligence or failure to act within my abilities
may contribute to or result in an injury.

PROSPECT HILL FORGE LLC ("PHF") hereby specifically disclaims any and
all responsibility or liability for, and I hereby irrevocably release
PHF from, any and all claims, whether known or unknown, which I may
have relating to: (i) any and all damages to the student or any
personal property of the student, including without limitation,
indirect and consequential damages or injuries as a direct or indirect
result of the inherent risks of blacksmithing; (ii) any liability
relating to instruction, construction, design, use of any PHF equipment
or facilities, manufacture of any product, or any other activity
undertaken in conjunction with classes, workshops or seminars offered
by PHF or as a result of the use or application of information given or
contained in any class, workshop or seminar offered by PHF or contained
in any writing given to me by PHF or (iii) any actions taken by me
while on the PHF premises with respect to construction, design, use of
equipment or facilities or manufacture of any product.

I hereby represent and warrant that I understand that by signing this
document, I may be waiving certain legal rights. I understand that I
will be responsible for all actions taken at the PHF facilities,
including without limitation, use of equipment and facilities. I
understand that I am solely responsible for any and all damages,
whether direct or consequential, for the use and application of
information given at any seminar, workshop or class or contained in any
writing distributed by PHF.

signed _____________________________________________________   date ___________________

printed ____________________________________________________