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Field trip to Higgins Armory Museum
Last Chance to See: they close forever at 3:34 pm New Year's Eve 2013

The Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester has the second largest collection of medieval armor in the US. Sadly, it's closing at the end of this year. So we're going to take a last look at this amazing collection before it gets locked up in the bowels of the Worcester Art Museum, which is taking over the collection, but which isn't likely to do as good a job of making it accessible.

We'll be arriving at the museum around noon, and staying till about 3:00, then moving to a local burger joint (Wild Willy's) for a late lunch. Carl will give brief impromptu lectures on various aspects of the armor on display (as of course will the museum guides and some of the other folks who are joining us).

Some of us will be carpooling from the forge. If you're interested in being one of that group, drop us a note to let us know to expect you, and make sure we have your cell number (if you have one).

Wild Willy's, where we expect to go for late lunch after the Higgins, has ample seating for the number of people we expect, is near the museum (a short drive, not really a walk), has GF options, but does NOT have much to offer vegetarians -- fries (good ones!) and salads and that's about it. They *do* have ice cream and frappes, though, for what that's worth. So, if you're a vegetarian/vegan/piscatorian, please bring a bag lunch so you can stay with the group for the social experience.


We're not organizing this enough to attempt to get a group rate. Admission is $12 for adults.

Roughly three hours, one meeting    dates&times

Instructor: PHF and Higgins staff
$12 for adults, with appropriate discounts for kids and families. per student
There is room for as many as come


Required: A rapid Covid test that day.
Yes, really, we're still asking for it in 2024.
It's still out there, and no fun at all.

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