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Firesteel (aka Fire Striker)

The challenge used to be to light a fire with just one match. Now the challenge is to do it without any matches at all. It's very picturesque, entertaining, and satisfying to start your campfire with flint & steel, and when you do, it's your fire, you decide who gets to poke it. In this class we will make a fire-steel from high-carbon steel and learn to use it.
Techniques used will be drawing-out, bending, hardening, and tempering.

When the fire-steel is made we will learn to strike a spark with it and turn that spark into a fire. We will also go over the particulars of making char-cloth for catching the spark.

When the class is done you will have made a fire-steel, learned to make char cloth, and struck a fire. You will come away with your own fire-making kit consisting of  a fire-steel, a flint, a char-tin & charcloth, and a bit of tinder, enough to get started.

To bring if you can:

There will be a modest (under $10) materials fee for flint and char-boxes for those who don't bring their own.

3.5 hours one session.    dates&times

No prior smithing experience necessary or expected.

Instructor: Carl West
Fee: $85
Maximum 8 students, two per forge

Gift Certificates for Firesteel (aka Fire Striker) are available.

Please wear proper clothing for visiting or working in the forge: closed toe shoes (preferably leather, preferably high-topped. Sneakers are sufficient.), natural fiber clothing, long pants that cover the tops of the shoes. Click here for more safety information.

Dates and Times:

April 29 (2018)
Sunday 2pm - 5:30pm

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