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Peep Roast (and Open House at Prospect Hill Forge)
A chance to see the place and socialize a bit (and carmelize some Peeps)

Toasted Peeps are actually pretty good.. as such things go.

We may demonstrate some of the wonders of blacksmithing. We usually convert one or two of our forges to grills by charging them with charcoal instead of coal (bring things to cook on a stick or grill), and mull cider with mullers and loggerheads. Unlike most barbecues, weather doesn't change our plans, we are set up to do it indoors.

There will be no high-pressure sales talk; it's a party and we're here to enjoy it too. But hey, if you ask about taking classes or learning about blacksmithing...

Directions to the smithy.

Usually a full afternoon or a full evening    dates&times

Instructor(s): PHF Staff
No admission fee, but feel free to bring some peeps or something to throw on the grill, or cook on a fork.
There is room for as many as will come.

Dates and Times:

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April 27 (2019)
Saturday 4pm - 11pm

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