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Tattersall Farm Day in Haverhill MA
A Traditional Farming experience

From their website:

“Tattersall Farm Day" is a New England-style cultural and educational event for people of all ages.
Activities will include beekeeping, animal and farming demonstrations, crafts, art work, pony rides, hay rides, antique tractors and much more!
Live entertainment will be provided.

[like Real, Live, Honest-to-God, Actual Blacksmiths doing Real, Live, Honest-to-God, Actual blacksmithing -cw]

Food and beverages will be available

This event provides a rare opportunity to learn about New England farm life and its cultural and historical influence on the City of Haverhill.

Proceeds from Tattersall Farm Day will assist in the rebuilding of the barn.

Much of the day    dates&times

Instructor: PHF staff will be demonstrating
Admission fee: Currently Unknown per student
Maximum 4 students


Required: A rapid Covid test that day.
Yes, really, we're still asking for it in 2024.
It's still out there, and no fun at all.

Dates and Times:

This class is either:
- not upcoming on our schedule,
- or we've fallen behind in our clerical duties and not entered it in the database.
If you found it on our calendar page, we are planning to offer it on that date.

If you're interested in taking Tattersall Farm Day in Haverhill MA and it's not on the calendar, please tell us using our Notification-List Page.

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This event is still under development at this writing (March 8 2022)
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