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Tent Stakes and Open Smithy

A chance to make good solid tent stakes.

This is sort of a focused Open Smithy* time. The main intent will be to make, you guessed it, tent stakes.

Techniques: drawing-out, cutting,and bending. Minor coaching on form and technique will be available. We have four coal forges, so that many people (or groups) can be working at once. Some protective gear is available. If you're bringing a group you may need to bring some of your own eye and ear protection. We have aprons, ear muffs, and safety glasses enough to protect eight people. Bring your own stock or buy some from us, we have 1/2" square, 3/8" square & round on the rack.

*If you really want to make something else while everyone else is making tent stakes, feel free, you can do as you please with your forge time.

Gift Certificates for Tent Stakes and Open Smithy are available.


Instructor: Carl West
$25/hour per student
Maximum of four groups; no more than four people per group.


Required: A rapid Covid test that day.
Yes, really, we're still asking for it in 2024.
It's still out there, and no fun at all.

Some prior experience necessary, either one of our classes, or the ability to demonstrate that you can do the job with safety to you, others, and the tools.

Please wear proper clothing for visiting or working in the forge:
closed toe shoes (preferably leather, preferably high-topped. Sneakers are sufficient, sandals, crocs, pumps, mules... are not), natural fiber clothing, long pants that cover the tops of the shoes.
Click here for more safety information.

Dates and Times:
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This class is either:
- not upcoming on our schedule,
- or we've fallen behind in our clerical duties and not entered it in the database.
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If you're interested in taking Tent Stakes and Open Smithy and it's not on the calendar, please tell us using our Notification-List Page.

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