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The Topsfield Fair
America's Oldest Agricultural Fair

We are the blacksmiths at the Topsfield Fair again this year.

If you are a smith, and you'd like to demonstrate at the fair, please contact us, we'll probably welcome the break.

We will be in "Kiddieland" on "Country Way". [hey, we don't name these things.] If you come in the main gate on Rt 1, we are around to the right (due South of the Administration building).

If you come in from the "Riverside" parking area which is south of the fairgrounds on Rt.1, come straight in and turn left after the cider people. we are to the left across from the Turkey Leg vendor.

More info on the fair

10am to 11pm, except the 1st Friday, which is 1pm to 11pm    dates&times

Instructor: PHF Staff and advanced students
Click here for the admission fee schedule, if you're helping us, we can comp you in. per student
for as many as will come


Required: A rapid Covid test that day.
Yes, really, we're still asking for it in 2024.
It's still out there, and no fun at all.

Dates and Times:

This class is either:
- not upcoming on our schedule,
- or we've fallen behind in our clerical duties and not entered it in the database.
If you found it on our calendar page, we are planning to offer it on that date.

If you're interested in taking The Topsfield Fair and it's not on the calendar, please tell us using our Notification-List Page.

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