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Our Twelfth Birthday!
Celebrating a Dozen Years of Smiting the Black Metal.

Twelve Years! Twelve Years! Twelve Years!
Wow, What a ride!

We're celebrating. It'll be the usual schmoozy Open House sort of thing; charcoal in forge three so we can grill (many things, including PEEPS!), chips, dips, other party snacks, beverages, interesting company...

Check this space again as the date draws near in case there are changes.


Instructor(s): PHF Staff and Friends
There is no cash fee, or tuition. If you bring something for the table or the grill, that'd be great, but your presence is all that is required.
There is room for as many as come

Dates and Times:

The Date You Clicked from The Past:

April 27 (2019)
Saturday 4pm - 11pm
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Our Twelfth Birthday!

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