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This is an online class. Stay home, use your tools.

Weekly Zoom Demonstration and Social Time (not reeellly a class)
Watching Smithing and Hanging Out

Each week on Thursday, there's a Zoom call that starts at 7:30 Eastern with a bit of chatting and at 8pm the demonstration begins.
Typically it's Carl working through some aspect of a project.
So far the demo's have been (not in any order):

Most demonstrations last between 30 and 60 minutes and are framed-up as lessons.
We have a cantilevered camera rig that allows us to give better views of
what's going on than are generally available in live in-person classes,
and a second camera for showing the smith's posture and placement.
Demonstrations are live and questions are welcomed.

We are recording the demonstrations to be edited only as much as necessary to put up on YouTube.

Click here to go straight to the meeting (only works during the time mentioned above). Coming in late is fine.

Note: During the demo, attendees are asked to turn off their cameras,
and if there's background noise, their microphones.
This way the views from the smithy can be as large as possible on everyone's screens and distracting noise is minimized.

If you register for the class (below), time allowing, you will receive an email at 12:05am Thursday morning reminding you about this auspicious occasion.
The email will also offer advice about what to wear and try to point you to our Online Waiver, which you are welcome to execute, but that's up to you.

Typically 3 hours    dates&times

Instructor: Usually Carl
Fee: No charge, click the link and come see.
There is room for as many as come


Full Covid vaccination required. Bring your card.

For this you can ignore the bit of boilerplate text above about bringing your card.

Dates and Times:

This class is either:
- not upcoming on our schedule,
- or we've fallen behind in our clerical duties and not entered it in the database.
If you found it on our calendar page, we are planning to offer it on that date.

If you're interested in taking Weekly Zoom Demonstration and Social Time (not reeellly a class) and it's not on the calendar, please tell us using our Notification-List Page.

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