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Winslowshire Renaissance Festival
A benefit for the rescued animals at Winslow Farm

The Winslowshire Renaissance Festival is a fund raiser for the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary. We'll be doing some demonstrations of traditional blacksmithing techniques, making household (and Renn Faire!) objects, and showing off our Striker Team -- several smiths working with sledge hammers on a single anvil. The two day event will be on June 25th and 26th of 2011 from 11 am to 5 pm each day. For more information about the event, please go to the website at http://www.winslowshire.com


The directions on the Faire's Site are good.

But note that there is a hiccup in the signage:
As you get close, there are square yellow signs with big black arrows. At the last turn they switch to a white rectangular sign. There is a square yellow sign there too, but it doesn't look the same as the others.


Instructor: PHF Staff & Striker Team.
Admission is $12.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids ages 5 – 13, and kids under 4 will be free. Specials include: Two day pass for $18.00, Come dressed in Renaissance Attire for $2.00 off and a Veterans’ Discount of $2.00 (must show military ID). Specials may not be combined. per student
No limit on attendance!


Required: A rapid Covid test that day.
Yes, really, we're still asking for it in 2024.
It's still out there, and no fun at all.

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