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A transformation under the hammer

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Dick Koolish brought in this jaw from a Stillson wrench and suggested I might be able to do something with it.
After an hour of waling on it with a 4# hand hammer and a 12# sledge, hardening and tempering, and a visit to the wheel, I had a decent kindling hatchet.
I was amused by what happened to the teeth.
When I started, I had in mind to make a cook's cleaver. Soon after I began forging I realised that the 'handle' was too long and it would be an awkward kitchen tool at best. I toyed briefly with the idea of trying to pull the bottom corner down enough to make it a 'bearded' cleaver, but the steel spoke and said that it was going to be a hatchet thankyou very much, and if I tried to turn it into anything else it was just going to be ugly. Sometimes Brute Force & Ignorance don't win, sometimes you have to listen.
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