PROSPECT HILL FORGE: The Blacksmithing Classroom
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Prospect Hill Forge Products

These are things we've made that we can be talked into selling, making again, or making something like. This is sort of a cross between a gallery of works, a catalog of items for sale, and (we hope) a source of inspiration for commissions.

Instrument stand: 

This instrument stand was made to fit a rebec on display at the Boston Early Music Festival. It's got some weight to it and is therefor fairly stable. It folds at the pivot and becomes somewhat smaller. The leather wraps were done with leather thong. Future instrument stands will probably have the leather stitched or laced to fit. 

Door handle:

Candlestick (soon to be a pair)

We got hold of some square tubing and y'know, when y' heat the stuff up... there's a lot of fun to be had. If you're careful.

A new handle for the double-chamber bellows.

Made from 3/4" square iron stock with a four inch wooden handle wrapped in leather.

This is the handle that you pull to actuate the double-chamber bellows to pump air into our forge #3.

The leather strap goes up to a cast aluminum buckle (cast at the forge) which allows us to adjust the height of the handle for each student. The top of the leather ties into a rope that goes over a set of pulleys in the ceiling and pulls up on the bottom board of the bellows.

The handle was made heavy to help counterbalance the weight of the bottom board of the bellows.

Bathroom Tissue Holders
Each has provision for three screws to hold it to the wall . No wobbling, if the wall is solid, the holder isn't going anywhere.

From left to right:

Ha'penny scroll (hi-res image with detail)

Ginko-leaf finial (hi-res image)

Goth-ish (hi-res image)

Fiddle-head finial (hi-res image with details)

Leaf finial (hi-res image)

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