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Live Interactive Online Blacksmithing Classes

Interactive? Online? What is this Madness? How can this be?

"The best part is being able to show you what we've done and receive correction in the middle of a process.
This would not be possible through just a YouTube video. The interaction I think is key."
- Bruce (after the very first shakedown class)

We use the Zoom platform to connect, I use my tools to demonstrate, and you use yours to do the work. We use video and audio to convey questions and answers. I don't just show you how to do the project, I walk you through it, answering questions along the way in real time, pointing out where you need to do what needs to be done.

In some ways it's actually better:

  • Unlike a Face-to-Face class, in a PHF Online Class I can place the camera to make sure you see exactly the view I need you to see.
    In a F2F class, at most one student at a time can have the perfect vantage point. Online, everyone can. And sometimes that "perfect vantage point" is a place where no one really wants to put their head anyway.
  • You can hear all of my comments and maybe even benefit from them even if they weren't specifically to you.
  • You can "look over my shoulder" and see just what I'm commenting on with someone else.
  • You get to use your own familiar tools.
  • We get a chance to see other smiths' set-ups.
  • You don't have to get yourself all the way to Waltham, Massachusetts.
  • You don't have to wear a mask, and there's 0% chance of infection from anyone else in class.
...there are a couple drawbacks:
  • Obviously, we lack physical contact,
    I can't take you by the wrist and elbow and put you in the position you need, I will have to use words and demonstrate on camera instead. I can do that.
  • We may be subject to technical and 'net difficulties... Welcome to 2020.
  • It's not quite the social experience of being in class with three other smiths all figuring this stuff out at the same time, but really, what is?
...and in some ways it's pretty much as good as face-to-face:
  • I have figured out how to point out particular details on your work... live. So I can clearly indicate what I'm talking about.
  • You still get individualized instruction.
  • You still get tone-of-voice...
  • ...and facial expression.
Our testing has shown that the hardware and software work, that learning can happen, and it's still fun.

Ready for an adventure?

This is our current offering of single-session online classes:

Corkscrews, the online class.

The Raised Vein Leaf

The Russian Rose Online

Carving a "Simple" Dragon Head

Tying a Knot in a Bar of Steel

Weekly Zoom Demonstration and Social Time (not reeellly a class)

We'll be adding more, longer, and more involved, classes as we get better at this.
Check our calendar for class dates.